Friday, February 12, 2010

Deal 3.1.8 released

Changes in Deal 3.1.8
* Added patternfunc, patternclass, and patterncond, which are similar in
     function to the shapefunc, shapeclass, and shapecond routines. [In
     Deal, a shape is the ordered list of suit lengths: s-h-d-c. A pattern
     is sorted by lengths (decreasing.)  So the 3-4-5-1 shape has the pattern
* Added documentation to commands-body.html for the new pattern procedures
* Added google analytics code to the documentation (for my web site
     only - local documentation does not have the google analytics) 

* [Internals] Changed occurances of "hand" in variable names to "seat"
     when it refers to a location at the table (North, East, South, West.)

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